30th Annual
Wildcat Mountain Rally

Westby, WI
    "Sometimes.....The Mountain Bites Back"  
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What is the Wildcat Rally like?

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of 'big city' life, deep in the heart of Hidden Valley Wisconsin, the Wildcat Mountain Rally has earned a solid reputation for pleasing riders of all types. Without all of the hype and usual trappings of other motorcycle rallies we like to think of Wildcat as a "riders rally".

Each day the Rally features three or more rides, each at a different pace so everyone will be able to choose a ride that best suits their style. Below are some general descriptions of the types of pace available:

Pace 1 - Stays at or below the speed limit on main roads and within 5 MPH of posted speeds on corners. Frequent stops for socializing and taking in the beautiful scenery. Routes usually less than 200 miles.

Pace 2 - Within 10 MPH of speed limit on main roads and within 15 MPH on corners. Brief roadside stops to talk about the ride and stretch your legs. Routes usually between 200-250 miles.

Pace 3 - Within 10 MPH of speed limit on main roads and within "your own discretion" on corners. Stops for fuel and lunch, with few roadside breaks. Routes 250-300+ miles.

So no matter how you like to ride, there is something for everyone!

Two different rides will be taken by each group, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Typically, there are nearly 1000 miles of guided rides (two for each pace), with stops for fuel, scenery and, of course, lunch.

All rides, regardless of pace or route, feature outstanding scenery and some of the most twisted back roads Wisconsin has to offer. And, just so folks can't say that motorcycle riders don't have culture, we stop at historical, cultural and other points of interest along the way.

We make it a point at the Wildcat Mountain Rally to get to know everyone who shows up. In the evenings discussions on motorcycle handling, to how good the drinks taste, are going on all over the parking lot. One could just roam from conversation to conversation ...it seems like you have known these people all of your life!

You can check out this exciting motorcycle adventure by reserving your room at the Old Towne Motel along US 14-61 in Westby, Wisconsin. Call (800) 605-0276 and tell them you would like a room for the Wildcat Mountain Rally. Overflow rooms are available at the Super 8 in Viroqua (4 miles down the road) by calling (608) 637-3100. Registration is just a measly $20 per person at the door which includes annually updated rally-wear.

For more information please feel free to contact us by e-mail at cam@wildcatrally.com

Ride Safe,
The Wildcat Mountain Rally Team

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September 2nd - 5th, 2016